An Interim Wardrobe

When making major changes to a lifestyle that has been unhealthy, there are some considerations that must be part of the journey. People who have been overweight for a while tend to have a wardrobe that fits them, but weight loss can make it hard to wear what they have in the closet. They might cringe at the thought of spending cash for new clothes, but what they have might not carry them through to their final goal. An interim wardrobe does not need to be large, but it does need to help them see what they have already accomplished.

Style is less important than fit when weight loss has become a good habit, so choosing clothes that will only be worn a few months could be a good way to look at the issue. While pants or skirts might need to be relatively tight in the beginning, choosing elastic waist bands will help make them last longer. Shirts and blouses can be looser because they can be gathered for those who plan to continue their efforts for a better body.